Cars have slowly evolved from a luxury to being a vital part of the human ecosystem. They can do all sort of things, from moving heavy cargo to delivering people to their destination in utmost luxury. It’s hard to imagine a world without these machines.

Canada, in particular, is one of those places in which you need to have a car; especially if you live in a small town. Public transport, in some places, is somewhat unreliable, and that leaves people in those areas with little choice other than to own a car.

Whether you are searching to buy a car to make your daily commute more convenient, or want to be looking sharp when you pull up outside the Grand Mondial casino, this guide has got you covered.

Where to Buy a Car in Canada

Canada has a ton of car dealerships dotted across the nation. Some sell a particular brand, others stock a specific model, and the rest have a mix of everything.

The best way to find a car in Canada has to be through online car marketplaces. A website such as Auto Trader has thousands of used cars listed on their site at any given time.

Tips for Buying a New Car in Canada

The procedure for buying cars has never changed. It starts with:

• Research; know precisely what you want, it’s average market price and all the available options

• Test drive; see different cars and go for test drives

• Haggle; never settle for the screen price

• Buy; if everything looks good, buy the car

Getting the Best Price for a Car

The biggest blunder which a car buyer can make is falling for the dealer’s asking price. It’s usually grossly inflated to give room for negotiation. And anybody who falls for this old trick is literally throwing money away.

Most dealers will offer impressive discounts if they see a genuine client who’s about to walk away. So, you need to wear your haggling hat or bring along someone with some bargaining experience.

Used vs New Cars

Purchasing a used car has always been a tricky affair for first-time buyers. But the cold, hard truth is, slightly used cars are better than brand new ones.

Cars depreciate fast during their first few years of existence and slow down as they age. For example, a vehicle which sells at $20000 today will retail at $15000 two years down the line.

Requirements for Buying a Car in Canada

If you have cash and a genuine ID, you can technically buy a car in Canada and have it towed to your residence; on condition that you will not drive it on public roads. But, if you want to use it freely, get insurance, a license plate, and a driving license.